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For example, the support of a third party is not required to prevent the decentralized verification of double payment, and for example, unless all the proof of work is completed again, the transBitcoin Investment Groupaction record formed will be an unchangeable proof of work, but the end of Bitcoin is no longer known. Unconsciously there is a deviation.

The debate on the philosophical topic of fairness has never ceased from various parties, but they usually come to the same conclusion that fairness includes every possible individual related to a particular system. At the macro level, it is every member of society, and at the micro level, it involves everyone involved in cryptocurrency to some extent. Before the advent of Bitcoin, no form of cryptocurrency involved the individual level.

BCH supporters on the Reddit forum also discussed the developer documentation. Some commented that they appreciate that BCH development has been going on normally, and other BCH enthusiasts began to ask when the block size will increase next time. The well-known BCH community member Homopit has already responded, saying:

Mr. Feng: I used the grid when I first started trading coins. At that time, I found some strategy templates online and modified it myself. Biyou's grid is very easy to use, the exchange supports a lot, it can automatically allocate and close positions, and it is very convenient to open orders. There are not many shortcomings. Currently, orders can only be opened at fixed price intervals, and I hope to add a fixed percentage interval option. Biyou can automatically balance funds, which is very convenient. I did not define the grid interval very strictly, it is generally the interval of recent fluctuations.

DCEP does not need to be overly excited or worried about the general public. Technology is after all technology and tools will not change anything. It mainly depends on who is used and what role it plays. Especially for you and me, all sentient beings should be more worried about Libra (if it passes, the world may enter a new form).

Oil producing countries such as Russia, Iran, and Venezuela are currently facing economic sanctions from the United States. In order to circumvent sanctions, Venezuela has launched an oil-backed cryptocurrency Bitcoin Investment GroupPetro. Nevertheless, the President of the United States still signed an executive order prohibiting all financial transactions involving petrocoins.

And the more important point is that a question was raised before, is there more coins that can be borrowed in this market, or more money derived? Especially after the increase in the defi mortgage leverage market this year, think about it, now that 10,000 btc has a market value of more than 200 million, it is basically possible to lend more than 100 million US dollars on many platforms:

Gao Bin: I think that the chain correction is the source of clearness, which solves the biggest common divisor of the consensus of the blockchain in the concrete landing process, especially the chain certification idea and the chain certification system formed during the progress. Different from the token logic, the chain reform is a new system based on symbiotic value. Those who issue coins under the banner of chain reform are not the same thing as us. Under such circumstances, a clear blockchain idea based on an innovation chain, an application chain, and a value chain is needed, that is, the chain certification idea.