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PayPal and PayPal

UASF is a very radical upgrade method. It directly ignores the voPayPal and PayPalting power of miners. Regardless of whether the computing power votes for SegWit or not, these UASF full nodes will directly discard non-SegWit blocks at that time. This was an era when miners and computing power were still very recognized at that time. For miners and computing power, it was a thunderbolt: put aside!

For the bank, they don’t have to transport all of Boss Wang’s money across the city, because there are other Boss Li and Boss Zhang in Changan who have deposited the money and are going to take it out in the capital, so they should have transported 100 silver across the city. After offsetting in the middle, there may be only 10 transactions that need actual transportation in the end, which greatly reduces the total cost of cross-city transportation.

The large-scale capital market, PlusToken, collapsed a few months ago, but it does not only affect the investors who participated in the project. According to the research of Bitcoin analysts, it is found that the selling pressure of Bitcoin caused by PlusToken may be in recent months. The key factor in the ups and downs of prices.

The Tokenized protocol allows BCH to complete the goal of issuing tokens using only basic scripts on the chain. For example, Fomo3D, which was short-lived some time ago, can also be transplanted to BCH through this protocol. Theoretically, it may be more secure and may prevent hackers from blocking the entire network to defraud the prize.

Burke only described the scope or content of Coinbase's responsibilities in general terms. Therefore, the complaint does not clarify if Coinbase did anything Burke deems appropriate, then what a different approach the company should have taken, or why the launch of BCH would have become smoother.

But the shortcomings of the pure PoW consensusPayPal and PayPal rules are obvious, because in the PoW consensus rules, the calculation power is divided into the accounting right and the verification right (no one can limit the empty blocks in the mining pool). Most of the currency holders do not own the computing power, so one CPU, one vote cannot achieve decentralization (decentralization), and it is easy to become a mining tyrant.