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Another reason why Bitcoin is so valuable is its built-in security. The data on the blockchain is anonymous and encrypted. This does not mean that digital forensics companies will ultimately be unable to disclose some transaction details, but the data is sBitcoin prediction 2020till anonymous. It is almost impossible to counterfeit Bitcoin. Historically, counterfeiting dollars has been a long-standing problem, but counterfeiting dollars with Bitcoin will require taking over most of the network. Bitcoin also uses SHA-256 encryption, and it applies this layer of encryption twice to make it more secure.

When Bitwise first announced this ETF plan, the company stated that this Bitcoin ETF will be different from the previous application because a regulated third-party custodian will store Bitcoin. The company also said that this ETF will obtain pricing data from a large number of exchanges, including the spot and spot futures markets, to calculate an index that determines the value of its assets. The application submitted by Bitwise and NYSE Archipelago exchanges elaborated on this method. For example, the above prices will be weighted so that the Bitcoin price weight of the exchange with the larger trading volume in the previous hour is higher than the weight of the Bitcoin price with the smaller trading volume The Bitcoin price weight of the exchange.

CoinJoinXT is a non-custodial privacy technology, which is closely related to CoinJoin [69]. It allows any number of entities to create a so-called Proposed Transaction Graph (PTG) between them, which is a list of related transactions. In PTG, bitcoins belonging to entities are sent back and forth in all transactions, but at the end of PTG, all bitcoins are returned to their rightful owners. The establishment of this system makes the ongoing PTG process atomic, so either the entire PTG is confirmed on the blockchain, or none of them is confirmed, which means that no participating entities can steal funds from each other.

From this we can easily see that compared to the 12-month price trend, the price of Bitcoin is no matter whether it is 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months before the halving, or 1 month after the halving, In 3 months and 6 months, the price trend is not so drastic, which means that the impact of the "halving effect" on the price will take a long time to appear.

DOBI trading platform has maintained a strong momentum of development since its launch, and is currently ranked 100th on As of July 2018, the number of platform registrations and transactions has exceeded 50W, with more than 3,000 new registered users per day, the highest number of daily active users has exceeded 10,000, and the daily transaction volume has exceeded 50 million US dollars.

On January 22, the World Economic Forum in Davos (WorldEconomicForum) opened. Friedman said before attending the opening day that Nasdaq believes that cryptocurrency will play an important role in the future, and she described this tBitcoin prediction 2020echnology as a great invention of genius and creativity. She believes that so far, encryption technology has gone through what she calls the classic invention life cycle-from the early pioneers of cryptography and economics to a period of hype and a surge of new market participants, and then to the present The status quo. Therefore, she believes that cryptocurrency has stood at a crossroads, hovering between two outcomes:

From a micro perspective, the functions of derivatives products are mainly divided into three types: hedging, speculation and arbitrage. Hedging is also hedging, the purpose is to lock in future benefits or costs, and to protect the upside or downside risks. Speculation is the use of the inherent leverage of derivative products to obtain higher returns than direct investment in the spot market while predicting market trends. Arbitrage is achieved by offsetting risk positions to earn risk-free returns. With the help of derivative products, investors can operate more flexibly according to their own income expectations, risk appetite and asset allocation, and the needs of investors can be better met.

Not only that, most DeFi decentralized applications show an increase in activity, with the largest increase coming from COMP tokens issued by the decentralized financial protocol Compound. Almost 45% of all activities in the DeFi category are from Compound, which is an astonishing 1000% increase compared to the previous quarter. The second place belongs to Synthetix, this DeFi protocol has 550 daily active wallets, and the third place is 1inch with approximately 490 daily active wallets. In fact, compared with the same period and quarter of last year, the number of daily active wallets in all mainstream DeFi decentralized applications has increased significantly.