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Norges (Norwegian Central Bank) is studying whether Graphic card bitcoin miningthe issuance of CBDC (central bank digital currency) can bring benefits to customers. Norges has focused its research on the issuance of CBDC, which it would like to use as a supplement to customer cash. Several central banks in Europe, including Sweden’s Sveriges Riksbank, are actively exploring the benefits of issuing CBDC.

In addition to the announcement of the new BCH client, Cobra also mentioned some very interesting things. He said that the current BCH network has 25% of the computing power confirmed to support his upgrade; in addition, many companies have tested this client, and his client will continue to use the name BCH. With replay attack protection, Cobra said, users can safely sell BCA and BCN tokens, while their BCH will not be affected in any way.

On the night of BTC halving, come and witness history together; 4 industry leaders will explain the impact of halving on currency prices and miners for you; three halvings, three stories, 33 Bitcoin agreements; even the media launched The 7-hour live broadcast, vowed to persist until the halving is completed.

For example, originally user A calls eosio.token to user B to transfer 1EOS, and then eosio.token sends a trasfer receipt to call the transfer function of contract B to execute business logic. Now, you can directly call the transfer function of contract B, specifying from and to. Correct parameters such as, value, etc., are directly executed to the business logic of the B contract without transferring funds. Therefore, the attacker attacking EOSBet completely bypassed the eosio.token->transfer function and directly called eosbetdice11->transfer with the correct parameters, and executed the business logic of the contract without transferring EOS to the contract.

For many so-called developed countries, Bitcoin is a tool of speculators at best, and a tool of crime at worst. As the well-respected Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos said, one of Bitcoin's most revolutionary use cases will not happen in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

The traditional financial market was also quite turbulent overnight. After the Fed’s interest rate decision was announced, Fed Chairman Powell reiterated in a press conference that he would not raise interest rates early before U.S. inflation returns to normal, and if necessary, the Fed can expand bond purchases and adjust The durGraphic card bitcoin miningation of the bond purchased. The Fed's unconcealed concerns about the uncertainty of the economic outlook and the challenge of no actual progress in epidemic control have caused market risk aversion to rise again. Powell bluntly said that the ultimate factor supporting financial stability is a strong economy. The current overall financial stability situation is mixed, which directly pushes up the price of gold.

The answer is ready to come. The "Digital Gold Act" will inevitably be introduced. By then, the compliant countries headed by the United States will bloodbath all Bitcoin holders. From 2023 to 2024, they will be all blockchain believers in the world. The most difficult two years will be far more tragic than any previous Bitcoin death crisis.