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But what we see now is... or what wBuy bitcoin golde don't see is the computing power of CoinGeek and BMG. Their computing power has completely disappeared, and we have not found that this part of the computing power has been invested in mining. This tells me that they still have 2exahash hidden computing power, and they are preparing to attack.

EIP960 was released on April 1, and it is recommended to set the total amount of Ether at 120,20432, which is twice the number of Ethereum issued in the ICO in 2014. This proposal aims to solve the current unclear monetary policy of this cryptocurrency, and the total amount setting can ensure the economic sustainability of Ethereum.

BCH itself is a forked currency of BTC. It has undergone several block expansions after its birth. The two parties in this hard fork event are BitcoinSV (a community camp led by Craig Wright, chief scientist of nChain) and BitcoinABC ( Supported by Bitmain).

In 2017, KathrynHaun decided to resign from the US Department of Justice and immediately joined the Coinbase board of directors. On the Coinbase board of directors, she met Chris Dixon, who led Andreessen Horowitz's investment in cryptocurrencies and related companies.

Bitcoin has many stories, and we only need to focus on its success stories, without having to compare with other cryptocurrencies and unprofitable technical transactions. The comparison target of Bitcoin should be gold and the US dollar. This sounds like a crazy view, but in reality the value of Bitcoin is approximately equal to (gold + USD)* (the probability that Bitcoin will become the default global savings tool). The second term in the equation is a small and unstable number, but we ultimately need to adjust the estimate based on it.

ETH's trend is getting weaker and weaker, and it made a weak rebound after falling below 400 US dollars yesterday. Since the break of support 433 on August 1, the break support of eth has turned into the greatest pressure. If it does not regain support , Eth we will continue to be bearish, and the longer the oscillation time, the more detrimental to eth, because the broken support is rising step by step, leaving little time for eth. The specific support pressure is shown in the figure. If you have a promising currency, you can search for Luffy Talkcoin in the Knowledge Planet app or the KnowledgBuy bitcoin golde Planet applet