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3. The official announcement of ceoglobal exchange said that due tNew Bitcoin mining hardwareo the core founder of the company was taken away by the relevant departments for investigation, currency charging and OTC trading were suspended.

Max Keiser, a Wall Street financial analyst and bitcoin supporter, tweeted today that bitcoin is launching a 51% attack on the global legal money supply. BTC's fiat money price will reach infinity, because the world's worthless fiat money will not survive.

Beth is the beacon chain eth (beacon ETH) obtained by users participating in the pledge mining of eth2.0, which is the only voucher for 1:1 redemption of eth after eth 2.0 is opened for transfer; in the future, if Beth is online for trading, users can freely conduct transactions. More details can be found in the original text.

According to the daily hodl, the crypto lark host and crypto investor lark Davis said that as large players and retail investors set foot in digital assets other than bitcoin, Shanzhai coin is expected to achieve 100 times revenue. In the new video, lark Davis makes his case,

Biden may be considering making Andrew Yang, an encryption friendly, as commerce minister, according to cointegraph on November 25. It is reported that Yang Anze was once considered one of the presidential candidates who supported cryptocurrency most.

It is the first large-scale correction since the rise. The reasons for this callback are as follows: first, coinbase starts to prevent customers from making new margin trading, cancels all open limit orders, and completely stops margin trading next month. Because coinbase did not fully disclose the specific guidance details of CFTC, the compliance boundary of future trading market was not clear, and there was a certain panic in the market. In addition, because the United States is in the Thanksgiving period, heavy warehouse institutions are in the holiday, New Bitcoin mining hardwarebears at this time, and bulls are caught off guard. Bitcoin has continued to rise recently, and the market has accumulated a large number of profit taking positions. With the tightening supervision of institutions in the United States, short sellers have found an opportunity, and the market has formed a certain resonance with the trend, so there has been a significant decline. In addition, near the end of the year, the global market is facing the situation of gradual tightening of funds, and bulls' expectation of incremental funds is reduced, so they make certain profit taking actions. The lower support level may be in the Fibonacci 0.382 position, which is around the 16000 integer level. You need to keep an eye on the support of this position at night.

It is worth noting that the total lock up volume of uniswapv2 decreased from US $3 billion to US $1.6 billion after the end of liquidity mining in mid November, while sushiswap's total lock up volume increased in the same period, from US $420 million to US $1 billion,