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Palihapitiya thinks so. He even called Warren Buffett to introduce Bitcoin. He is an outstandingWhere can I buy Bitcoin with a debit card investor, but he was outdated and wrong about Bitcoin. He misunderstood 100% and was wrong about Bitcoin. Cognition is outdated.

Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are not an asset class. They can neither provide cash flow nor hedge against inflation. We believe that if the appreciation of a security mainly depends on whether others are willing to pay a higher price for it, then this product is not suitable for our customers. Even if the high volatility of cryptocurrency may make hedge funds find it attractive, it does not constitute a viable investment philosophy. The wealth management department of Goldman Sachs revealed an indifferent attitude between the lines at client meetings.

But what is the definition of cryptocurrency? Why don’t virtual currencies like World of Warcraft gold appear on these sites? Obviously, due to the lack of data on the number of supplies, it is difficult for us to calculate the value of all World of Warcraft gold coins, but this kind of virtual currency Another important reason why currencies cannot be included by websites like Coinmarketcap is that currencies in online games tend to be too centralized and not worthy of comparison with actual cryptocurrencies.

Asicboost optimization technology has steadily entered the mining industry, and the protocol is currently being used on the BCH chain. So far, 6 mining pools use version rolling Asicboost technology to mine BCH blocks. Currently using Asicboost on the BCH chain includes Ant Pool,, Okminer, Prohashing, Viabtc and an unknown mining pool. According to statistics from, since the release of the firmware on October 22, Asicboost usage in BTC and BCH blocks has both increased significantly. The creator of this data site has also established another portal called Cash.asicboost, which is a measure of Asicboost used on the BCH network.

According to a report released by CitizenLab, an interdisciplinary laboratory at the University of Toronto, Egypt is secretly conducting cryptocurrency mining through its citizens’ computers. The report explained that they used Sandvine/ProceraNetworks deep packet inspection (DPI) equipment to raise funds secretly in Egypt, mainly through advertising and cryptocurrency mining.

Fifth, this is not a competition involving the right to speak, power, and interests. We must put Bitcoin Cash in a geneWhere can I buy Bitcoin with a debit cardral environment to judge. Splitting will only make all the participants of Bitcoin Cash a joke in the blockchain and encrypted digital currency. Where can the right to speak, power, and interests be divided? what! In essence, this is a competition of losing money. If any party wants to win, it needs to spend money to maintain, promote, and even lose money to compete in computing power.

Back said, no, I am not. At this point, it is better not to know who the founder of Bitcoin is. If people learn about a technology, they will try to find out who is the CEO of the company so that people can ask questions. Bitcoin is more like digital gold, so gold should not be expected to have a founder. I think it is a very good thing that Satoshi Nakamoto does not show up in public.

Tether's solvency crisis will bring terrible consequences to the crypto ecosystem. Tether, which is worth as much as $2.8 billion, will become worthless, which not only represents a very important capital outflow, but also triggers an extremely serious crisis of confidence, because most people expect that close Bitfinex will also encounter a major crisis.